A diagram highlighting the muscles and tendons of the front part of the neck.

Any type of accident recovery can be difficult and it can often span many months. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe therapeutic massage in conjunction with their recovery treatment plans to kick start your recovery process. Denver's Wayfare Wellness can partner with your orthopedist or physical therapist to deliver beneficial massage therapy treatments that complement the rest of your accident recovery regimen.

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

Wayfare Wellness offers customized accident recovery treatment options for injuries that commonly occur during motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Whiplash

  • Lower back pain

  • Myofascial pain

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Shoulder sprains or strains

  • Cervical sprains or strains

  • Thoracic sprains or strains

  • Lumbar sprains or strains

We work with you to design a treatment plan that makes the most sense for your injury, your accident recovery, and your schedule.

Swelling and Accident Recovery

Our recovery-focused massage therapy programs promote better circulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which can help reduce the swelling that typically accompanies injuries incurred during an accident. Therapeutic massage can help with the stiffness and soreness that often follows motor vehicle accidents, as well as more serious injuries, by increasing blood flow through the injured area. This increased blood flow reduces swelling and inflammation, and can improve your range of motion. Wayfare Wellness, downtown Denver’s top massage therapy center, specializes in a variety of massage therapy techniques, including neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT), cranial-sacral therapy, and deep tissue massage, which can be used and combined in a variety of ways to aid in any accident recovery process.

Massage Therapy Relieves More Than Just Physical Injury

A car accident disrupts not only your physical equilibrium, but your mental equilibrium as well. It is not uncommon for people to experience a form of post-traumatic stress disorder after being involved in an accident. Therapeutic massage can be extremely beneficial after a car accident because it helps relax the nervous system from the shock and trauma, bringing the body back into both a psychological and physiological balance. Your mental recovery from an accident is just as important as your physical recovery; thankfully, massage therapy at Wayfare Wellness in downtown Denver can help you with both.

A diagram of the muscular and skeletal elements in human forearms and hands.

Massage Therapy to Treat All Types of Injuries

Even if an accident was minor, such as the deployment of an airbag or a slam on the breaks, can cause a major strain on the cervical spine. Massage therapy can reduce the traumatic stress of the accident, reduce your pain and swelling, improve your range of motion, and enhance your circulation so that you can recover sooner and get back to your daily activities faster.

We focus on developing unique, comprehensive massage therapy treatment plans that are customized to each injury and each patient. Our expansive knowledge and wide array of capabilities means that we can work with you and your orthopedist or physical therapist to find the best way to reduce swelling after an accident or injury to promote optimal healing for you.

When you need massage therapy for accident recovery in Denver, Wayfare Wellness is the trusted source for relief and healing. Call Wayfare Wellness today or book your first appointment online.