Four Reasons To Get Massage Therapy This Summer

Summer means longer days and higher temperatures. It's also time for fun in the sun with tons of relaxation – right? Wrong! While you're soaking up the sun, your body is often the most active it has been all year long. While your mind might be at ease, your body certainly is not. Let's talk about how a regular massage can help you enjoy your summer.

Massage Therapy: 4 Reasons to Get a Summer Massage

Summer Means More Activity

Between days at the pool, trips to the park, exploring during vacation, and getting all that yard work done, you are constantly in motion when the weather allows. You may even be adding to that by picking up that long abandoned tennis racket or lacing up those running shoes to take advantage of the sunny skies. All of this is great for the mind, body, and soul, it can also put a beating on your body. That's where massage therapy comes in.

Massage Can Increase Your Mobility

In order to enjoy all of those fun, summertime activities, your body has to be taken care of. Regular massage therapy throughout the summer can help increase the mobility of your joints, as well as help your body recover from pain or soreness faster. When you don't have to worry about aches and pains, you can enjoy your summer.

Heat And Humidity Mean Swelling

The increased heat and humidity of summertime often lead to swelling and discomfort because your body is holding on to the fluids you accumulate. It's hard to enjoy that bikini and poolside glow when your joints feel puffy and swollen. Getting regular massages helps you combat the heat and humidity by increasing blood flow to reduce swelling and make all that movement you're doing much more comfortable.

Massage Therapy Can Boost Your Immune System

Massage therapy increases the activity of your body's white blood cells, which are what help you fight infection. Many studies have been conducted to understand the role massage therapy plays in fight illness, infection, and disease, showing significant benefits in all cases. Nothing puts a damper on your summertime fun like a bug that gets you feeling down. Why not pamper yourself AND boost your immune system?

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Summertime brings with it not only a lot of fun but also some additional stress that can tax your mind and body. With the kids home from school, you're constantly on the go. With the weather heating up, you're taking advantage of the sunshine. With humidity on the rise, your joints are taking a beating. There are a number of factors that can put a damper on your summer, all of which massage therapy can help you combat.

Whether you need some R & R after a crazy week at home with the kids or your body is aching after a day spent doing yard work and gardening, booking an appointment with your local massage therapist can help get you back to feeling your best in no time.

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