How Can Massage Therapy Help You?

Does pain or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want? Sports injuries, household accidents, repetitive actions on the job, and tension from everyday stresses can cause problems that, too often, take up permanent residence in our bodies. Massage therapy can help relieve pain and, in combination with medical attention, help heal certain conditions and prevent their return.

What Can Massage Therapy Offer Me?

Stress Relief

Relaxation is one of the best-known antidotes for stress. Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life, and reduces your likelihood of injury and illness. Physical therapy can also relieve symptoms of conditions aggravated by anxiety such as asthma or insomnia. Because it relieves stress, relaxation massage is an excellent supportive therapy for people in psychological counseling or treatment for addiction.

Painful or Tight Muscle Relief

Deep tissue therapy can relieve many types of muscle tightness, from short-term muscle cramp to habitually clenched jaw or tight shoulders. Massage therapy acts directly on your muscles with stretching and kneading motions. It also stimulates the nervous system to instruct muscles to relax even more. Treatment also flushes muscles of built-up waste products that can make you sore after vigorous exercise.

Heal Injuries

Massage therapy can help heal injuries such as tendonitis that develop over time, as well as ligament sprains or muscle strains caused by accidents. Deep tissue work reduces inflammation by increasing circulation, which removes waste products and brings nutrition to injured cells.

Prevent Injuries

Staying "loose" can help prevent injuries that might be caused by stressing unbalanced muscle groups, or by favoring one group of muscles over another. After you complete the more invasive deep tissue work, consider regular Swedish massage to help stay limber.

Reduce Pain or Restriction On Joints

Besides releasing tight muscles that restrict joint movement, Deep tissue muscular re-education works directly on your joints to improve circulation, stimulate the production of natural lubrication and relieve pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Combat Forced Inactivity

There are many reasons you may be forced to limit physical activity. Massage therapy can relieve your aches and pains and improve circulation to your skin and muscles.

Fluid retention

All levels of massage care increase your circulation that in turn drains tissues of excess fluid caused by recent injury, surgery, or pregnancy.

There are numerous ways massage therapy can help you. Contact us to discuss your wellness needs.