Should Massage Therapy Be A Part Of Your Business Wellness Program?

Companies around the world are starting to see the value of business wellness initiatives and are taking steps to make sure their employees are taken care of. These types of programs can include anything from on-site fitness facilities to medical screenings to health education. While many of these business wellness efforts focus on the body, there are still some aspects that are neglected in the development of a corporate wellness program.

Massage Therapy in your Business Wellness Program

For many people, massage therapy is a treat that we indulge in exclusively when we are celebrating a special occasion or the end of a very stressful project or milestone. In doing this, we inadvertently fall into a cycle:

  • We feel muscle pain and tension, are having trouble sleeping, recovering from, stress, etc.

  • We get mild relief from a 60 or 90 minute massage.

  • We wait until we experience pain again to get another massage.

When this happens, you can't reap the full benefits of massage therapy and your muscle pain, tension, and other symptoms start to affect other aspects of your daily life. Because of this cycle of infrequent therapy, massage can be an essential element in any business wellness program.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy In Business Wellness

Incorporating massage therapy into your business wellness program not only plays a vital role in encouraging employees to take care of themselves but also getting the most out of the wellness efforts they are making.

Improving Employee Morale

Massage therapy offers your employees the opportunity to take a moment for themselves. Prioritizing your employees' well being ensures that they feel valued and appreciated. This supports a positive work environment that employees are excited to be a part of. Your staff will notice a boost in morale and so will your clients.

Decrease Overuse Injuries

When your business wellness program features a massage therapy aspect, the therapist can help you reduce overuse injuries related specifically to the type of work you do. If you have employees performing heavy labor, typing regularly, or even just seated all day long, you will see similar types of aches, pains, and injuries that stem from regular use of certain muscle groups. Not only can a massage therapist help relieve tension and start the healing process for these types of problems but they can also help you incorporate protocols, such as specific stretches, that help prevent these problems.

Lower Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Massage therapy is truly a therapeutic addition to any business wellness program. Partnering with a massage therapist to offer those services to your employees on a regular basis can help them cope with the stress of their daily responsibilities at the office. Massage therapy also plays a role in the mind-body connection, making it a beneficial treatment option for symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. By providing the body with the support it needs physically, you can, in turn, offer the same kind of mental support.

Reduce The Number Of Sick Days Required

Massage is a form of self care. This concept of taking care of one's own mind and body is often neglected when life gets chaotic. The high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle many people in our society lead takes a toll and often results in chronic illness and longer recovery times. When your business wellness program includes specific initiatives that help your staff members take care of themselves, you can help improve their livelihood and reduce the number of days they are out of the office feeling sick or recuperating from illness or stress.

Increase Focus, Energy, and Mental Clarity

Along those same lines, when your employees feel good, their ability to stay focused is significantly improved. An effective business wellness program can change the entire culture of your office by helping to put your employees first.

Spark Creativity

A final benefit of an effective business wellness program is its ability to spark creative ideas and innovation within your workplace. Employees who not only feel valued but also taken care of will push themselves to think outside of the box when it comes to solving problems, increasing revenue, or operating efficiently.

The Benefits Of Business Wellness

Business wellness plays a key role in any work environment. How well your business wellness program supports the needs of your organization relies entirely on what you offer. Massage therapy is a great addition to any wellness program because it provides both physical and mental support that helps employees perform at their best.

If you're interested in partnering with Wayfare Wellness to incorporate massage therapy into your business wellness program, contact us today.