Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue: Your Questions Answered

While the two share similar techniques, sports massage vs. deep tissue still vary from one another. There are many benefits to both therapies and each one serves its own purpose. At Wayfare Wellness, we provide both sports and deep tissue massage, giving us insight into their similarities and differences. We hear many frequently asked questions regarding these two techniques, so we put together this helpful guide to answer anything you’d like to know. Let’s dive right in!

What Is A Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a massage therapy technique that is most commonly geared towards athletes in-training. However, this innovative therapy is not just for athletes! Weekend hikers, casual gym-goers, gardners, people with physically demanding jobs, and many others can also benefit from sports massage. This therapy aids in recovery and can even prevent injuries by improving flexibility and stretching your muscles. If you’re an active person wanting to get the most out of your game, getting regular sports massages are essential.

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a targeted or full-body massage focusing on firm pressure. This technique is perfect for those experiencing muscle tension or body pain. So when it comes to sports massage vs. deep tissue, those who are looking specifically to relieve tension or chronic pain would benefit much more from a deep tissue massage. By utilizing slow strokes and deep movement, your massage therapist will be able to loosen tight muscles and connective tissues that are causing you the most discomfort.

Who Can Benefit Most From Either Therapies?

Those who benefit the most from a sports massage are primarily athletes or those who live a very active lifestyle. With a specialized technique, this therapy can prevent injuries and increase performance for those looking to up their endurance and shorten recovery times.

When it comes to deep tissue massage, nearly anyone looking for a firmer massage is a wonderful candidate. This therapy works deep within your fascia to allow your muscles to relax. It’s worth noting, however, that if you prefer a more relaxing massage, a therapy such as swedish massage would be a better option for you.

What’s The Difference In Pressure For Sports Massage Vs. Deep Tissue?

When it comes to the pressure with sports massage vs. deep tissue, they can vary. While oftentimes a therapist uses a firmer touch for a sports massage, the pressure can be altered very easily to your comfort level. When it comes to deep tissue however, it lives up to its name by leveraging very firm pressure; this is necessary because it allows the therapist to target strained and tense muscles at the source by manipulating the fascia. It’s important to give your massage therapist feedback on how your body reacts to the pressure or if you experience discomfort.

Where Can I Book My Sports Or Deep Tissue Massage?

While many massage therapists offer deep tissue massage, not all offer sports massage. In addition, due to the nature of a sports massage, you want to make sure that you’re going to a reputable therapist. Make sure whomever you pick has the necessary credentials, schooling, and experience.

Here are some ways to find the best massage therapist:

  • Check online reviews
  • Get recommendations from friends and family
  • Do some research through their website

Learn All About Sports Massage Vs. Deep Tissue Massage With Wayfare Wellness

If you’re still not sure which massage therapy is right for you, reach out to Wayfare Wellness and we’ll assess your needs and recommend the best treatment for you. After years in the massage and wellness industry, we are experts on a variety of massage therapies and will have many types for you to choose from.

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