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The holiday season has finally arrived once again! It’s that magical time of the year that’s packed with seasonal activities, family fun, and holiday cheer. Though, as any parent knows, this brief season comes with its downsides. The holiday stress, the hectic shopping, and the limited timeframe to do it all in. It’s a tough balancing act that can actually dampen your holiday experience. Denver massage therapy can help you get a lot more out of the holidays. Let’s explain the various ways that massage therapy can help you out.

The Best Remedy For Holiday Stress in Denver: Massage Therapy

We’re all familiar with the stressful nature of the holidays. You have to shop for the best presents, squeeze in holiday activities, and put up with your in-laws. On top of it all, you still have to meet your work deliverables and manage your personal life! Holiday stress can really build up in a short amount of time. Amidst the chaos of this stressful season, it’s more than worthwhile to treat yourself too.

Massage therapy is the best way to reduce your stress during the holiday season. Time and again, studies have proven that massage therapy is an effective way to lower stress. After a single session, you’ll walk away feeling happier, more confident, and less stressed out. Give yourself an early holiday present with some Denver massage therapy.

The Perfect Holiday Gift in Denver: Massage Therapy

Finding the perfect present for each family member is not always easy. You have to grapple with their personal preferences and your budget, all while you second guess yourself at every turn. “What should I buy? Will they enjoy it? Is there a better present that I haven’t found yet?” You can save yourself some trouble by giving the gift of self-care to your family members.

Massage therapy is one of the best gifts that just about anyone can receive! At our Denver massage therapy studio, we practice a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques. That just means there’s a massage technique for everyone in the family! From chronic pain sufferers to those who just want a relaxing afternoon massage. It’s the perfect gift for any family member.

At Wayfare Wellness, we offer gift certificates for our Denver massage therapy sessions. These certificates are very thoughtful gifts for any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. Does your dad suffer from recurring neck pains? Nothing alleviates chronic pain quite like massage therapy. Do you want to show your mom how much you appreciate her? The self-care gift of a massage therapy session could be the perfect gift for her.

An Excellent Reason To Visit Downtown Denver

The holidays wouldn’t be special without holiday festivities. What better place to participate in those festivities than in downtown Denver. Massage therapy gives you the perfect excuse to brave the cold weather and spend an afternoon in downtown Denver.

Downtown Denver has no shortage of fun festivities and holiday cheer! From the annual Parade of Lights and the Mile High Tree to the festive ice rinks and seasonal markets, there’s plenty to see and to do. Bring the family for a fun-filled afternoon! While your significant other takes the kids to sit on Santa’s lap, you can sneak off for a quick session of massage therapy.

Let’s not forget that the streets of downtown Denver are packed with incredible shops and stores. If you need to get some holiday shopping done, you can easily take care of it right after your massage! Our office is conveniently located right off of 16th Street Mall. So, you’ll be within walking distance of all the stores that you need to wrap up your holiday shopping.

Make The Most Of The Holidays In Denver With Massage Therapy

Wayfare Wellness would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We hope your celebrations are festive and jolly all the way through. Just remember, we’re here to help make your holidays a little more special. Whether you need gift certificates or de-stressing massage sessions, a little self-care can go a long way during the holidays. Take advantage of it and make the most out of the festive season!

Book your first session of Denver massage therapy today!

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Are you an avid athlete constantly challenging yourself physically? Do you enjoy exercising regularly, but find yourself experiencing recurring injuries? Or are you preparing for a major test of your physical abilities and need some support? A sports massage in Denver could greatly benefit your athleticism, improve your abilities for your competition, and reduce your risk of injury.

Sports massage — one of the specialty massage therapies that we offer in our downtown Denver office — is an effective therapeutic tool for athletes that suffer from sports-related injuries or are interested in improving their athletic performance, recovery speed, and maintaining their peak performance. Whether you’re a relentless runner, a spry swimmer, or a courageous climber, athletes can discover outstanding health benefits from sports massage in Denver.

Here are just a few reasons why a sports massage with Wayfare Wellness may be perfect for you.

Benefits of Sports Massage in Denver

Evidence-based research has proven repeatedly that sports massage can have numerous health benefits for athletes, and non-athletes when needed. These could be psychological or physiological benefits. Through research, observation, and client testimonials, we have found that sports massage can result in:

  • Improved range of motion in joints and muscles

  • Increased flexibility and soft tissue function

  • Improved sleep and sense of well-being

  • Reduced tension in muscles and joints

  • Reduced swelling and onset muscle soreness

  • Prevention of further injuries

If you feel any of these benefits are what you need to improve your athleticism, a sports massage in Denver may be exactly what you need.

Denver Sports Massage Meets Your Athletic Needs

No athlete will be the same as the next. Each one will be working towards different goals in different sports and, of course, will have different injuries.

Wayfare Wellness looks at your sports massage therapy through one of four different lenses:

  • Pre-Event - Aimed at improving your muscle function and range 7-2 days before your athletic event.

  • Post-Event - Reduce your recovery time after a large athletic event.

  • Restorative - For those who train on a daily basis to support the process of building regular muscle.

  • Rehabilitative - Specifically for those who have suffered injuries and are seeking pain alleviation.

Our massage therapist, Sarah Monreal, will build a specific sports massage plan, based on your therapy goals and specific sport regimen, relying on one, or a combination, of these methods. We dive more into these different sports massage approaches in another blog post.

Sports Massage in Denver Downtown

Denver is one of the most exciting and captivating cities to experience right now in the United States. This wonderful city may be expansive, but the Wayfare Wellness office is located right in the heart of downtown Denver. After we alleviate your pain in your sports massage appointment, you’ll exit our building and find yourself right at the center of all the commotion of Denver.

Centrally located, there’s nothing quite like downtown Denver. You’re just minutes away from the Colorado convention center, the shining state capital, Coors field, the Pepsi Center, the RiNo art district, the historic 16th street mall, and the RTD light rail which is ready to take you almost anywhere in the city. After your sports massage, you’ll be more than ready to take on the entirety of Denver.

Book Your First Sports Massage in Denver

At Wayfare Wellness, our massage therapist has been perfecting her massage techniques for years through diverse experiences; there isn’t a sports-related injury that she hasn’t seen. Sarah is thoroughly prepared to meet your massage needs.

Our sports massage therapy will help prevent injuries, improve your recovery time, enhance your flexibility, and increase your athletic training. Find the best appointment slot for you through our convenient online booking system or call Wayfare Wellness today!

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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 15:13

Massage Therapy Appointment FAQs Answered

Going to your first massage therapy appointment can be a nerve-wracking experience when you don't know what to expect. There are many questions that might be running through your mind:

“What do I wear?”

“What if I fall asleep?”

“What if I don't like it?”

Massage therapy is a great addition to any wellness routine, so we're here to tell you: there's nothing to fear! We're answering some of the most commonly asked questions about what happens at a massage therapy appointment. And, if this doesn't answer all of your questions, you can also check out our recent post about what to expect during your first massage at Wayfare Wellness.

There is no question too silly or awkward to keep you from enjoying the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Massage Therapy Appointment FAQ

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Massage?

There is no perfect time to schedule a massage therapy appointment. If you have a really stressful week ahead of you, scheduling an hour of solitude and relaxation at the end of the chaos can help you recover more quickly. If you prefer the opposite, a massage to help you prepare for a busy week, that works, too! It's all about what makes the most sense for you and your schedule. While there is no magic answer to when to schedule your massage therapy appointment to maximize the effects, there are somethings you can do before and after to maintain the relaxed state.

  • DO get your workout in before your scheduled massage.

  • DON'T eat a big meal right before a massage.

  • DO drink your last cup of coffee or caffeinated drink at least an hour before your massage therapy appointment.

Should I Shower Before Or After My Massage?

Showering before your massage is always appreciated – especially if you squeezed in your daily workout before your appointment. Not only are you fresh and clean for your massage therapist, but the warm water from the shower helps loosen your muscles for the maximum effect.

Therapeutic massage often utilizes a lotion or oil that can leave a mild residue on the skin, so you may want to rinse off following your massage, as well.

Don't forget that the massage therapist will be working in close proximity to your body, so hold back on the perfume or cologne until after your massage therapy appointment is over.

What Do I Wear?

During a therapeutic massage, you will lay on a massage table that has clean sheets that will be draped over your body, excluding the area that's being treated at that specific moment. Massage therapists learn specific draping techniques that are designed to help clients feel comfortable and protected. That being said, you can wear as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with. Most therapists will treat clothed areas as no-treatment zones. If you prefer to remain fully clothed, that's perfectly okay. Some massage techniques, such as shiatsu, are done without any kind of disrobing.

My ____________ Isn't Normal.

As a massage therapist, it is our job to treat your body, not judge it. We see all shapes and sizes and there is no such thing as normal! You don't have to worry about those 10 pounds you can't seem to lose or that you didn't get a chance to shave your legs when you come into your massage therapy appointment.

During Your Massage Therapy Appointment

Do I Have To Make Conversation?

If talking helps you relax, then, by all means, chatter away. We're happy to talk about whatever you'd like, but we are also just as happy to stay quiet and let you relax to soothing music. We will follow your lead.

We do encourage you to communicate with us throughout your appointment. We may ask you how the pressure feels at certain intervals and you can be honest, if it's too much or not enough, we want to know so we can adjust and help you get the most out of your massage.

Will It Hurt?

Some massage therapy techniques utilize more pressure than others. Particularly, during deep tissue and sports massage therapy appointments, you may experience slight discomfort as your therapist works through a the tension in your body. Keep the lines of communication open, you should never be in pain during a massage.

If you're nervous about how it might feel, you might be more comfortable trying a more gentle technique, such as cranial-sacral or swedish massage, to start with.

What If I...

These types of questions are probably the most wondered and least asked questions when it comes to a massage therapy appointment.

We understand that bodily functions happen. It's the circle of life and we roll with it and will continue with your treatment.

If you have to go to the bathroom, let us know. Many massage therapy offices will have a robe that you can wear to run out to the restroom and come back.

If you fall asleep, we will be flattered. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your massage therapy appointment, so if you doze off, we've succeeded.

Anything else you can think of that might happen in a massage therapy appointment, we've probably experienced at least once or twice. Your massage therapist is a professional and they are there to treat your mind and body to help you feel your best.

Let us pamper you in downtown Denver. Book your first massage therapy appointment today!

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Why Your Massage Therapist Should Have A Degree

Many people are unaware that massage therapists come from many different backgrounds, not all of which are created equal. As massage therapy becomes a more and more important part of health and wellness, there has been a significant increase in the number of therapists. The American Massage Therapy Association estimates there are between 300,000 and 350,000 therapists in the United States currently. So, how do you know which is the best therapist for you?

Why Your Massage Therapist Needs a Massage Therapy Degree

Here we will dive into massage therapy a little bit, but more importantly we will examine why a massage therapist needs a degree so badly and why you shouldn't trust those without a degree.

Becoming A Massage Therapist

One of the most common routes to becoming a licensed massage therapist is through certification at a massage therapy school or program. These programs include courses in anatomy, physiology and massage techniques. A certificate can often be earned in nine to twelve months and it prepares a therapist for licensure in a state.

Once a therapist is licensed, they are ready to go and can serve in a spa or massage office or hospital. What is often overlooked is that therapists can achieve their education through alternative methods.

Massage Therapy as a Degree

Specialty schools like the Colorado School of Healing Arts provide a two-year program for an enhanced study of massage therapy and other anatomical aspects. In addition to anatomy, physiology and general massage techniques, the two-year program includes a focus on kinesiology, pathology and speciality massage. Therapists who get a degree will also learn about health care laws and regulations and business practices like marketing and management.

A two year program gives these therapists to specialize in additional techniques, like neuromuscular therapy and cranial-sacral massage.

Neuromuscular therapy is a science-based practice that focuses on the various regions of soft tissue in the body. This particular therapy considers the underlying factors that may be causing a patient’s complaint and evaluates the regional causes of pain. NMT providers have extensive knowledge of the pathologies that affect different areas of the body and how treatment of each can help in pain relief. NMT is very beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions.

Cranial-sacral massage is a very gentle treatment focused on the head, spinal column, and sacrum. This treatment relieves compression in those areas to increase circulation of cerebrospinal fluid in order to reduce pain and inflammation.

The additional time spent earning a degree in massage therapy allows therapists to understand the mechanics behind the treatment. This helps the patient gain a fuller and longer lasting recovery.

Downtown Denver Massage Therapy

At Wayfare Wellness, we believe that an educated massage therapist is your best weapon as a patient. Our massage therapist, Sarah Monreal, got her degree from the Colorado School of Healing Arts where she specialized in neuromuscular therapy and cranial-sacral therapy.

This background in the anatomy of the body drives her philosophy of massage as a treatment, not just a luxury. When you schedule a massage with Sarah, she evaluates the underlying causes of your pain and treats it at its source, giving her patients the best chances at relief.

Schedule your downtown Denver massage today and experience the benefits of an experienced massage therapist.

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