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If you or someone you know is pregnant, prenatal massage in Denver can be the perfect treat for soon-to-be moms. Pregnant mothers deal with countless day-to-day discomforts, from throbbing back pains to swollen feet. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your body, and massage therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate some of those pains. We can’t forget to mention the added benefits of relieved mental tension and stress reduction as well. But, what exactly does a prenatal massage entail? And what can you expect from it? With these questions in mind, we created this handy guide on what you should know about prenatal massage.

What Is Prenatal Massage?

First thing’s first: what exactly is prenatal massage and what makes it different? This type of massage therapy technique is specifically geared toward women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Prenatal massage offers a unique and safe way for pregnant women to relax. This therapy is specialized in that the entire process takes into account your pregnancy. From the laying positions to the pressure, a prenatal massage can be exactly what you need to unwind.

Stick With The Specialists

While many massage therapists may practice prenatal massage, very few specialize in it. It is very important that you know the difference and that you pick a therapist who is well-versed in the practice. Afterall, we know you only want the best for you and your new baby! So make it a priority to do your due diligence and make sure your therapist is well-trained in prenatal massage.

Do Your Research

Prenatal massage is very safe, however it is always recommended that you speak to your doctor beforehand. It’s important to get the sign-off from your medical professional first to know that the therapy is completely safe for your child. It’s also a good idea to do some research of your own before you commit to getting a prenatal massage in Denver. Talk to family or friends, look for online reviews, and check out some helpful articles to narrow down your search. And a reputable massage therapist will always answer any questions that you may have. So don’t be afraid of reaching out and speaking to them before you schedule an appointment!

Understand The Different Techniques

What makes prenatal massage a little different from other massage techniques is that it’s specifically tailored for women who are pregnant, which comes across in every aspect of the experience. Your therapist will be sure to keep you comfortable and given the nature of the massage, you can expect this technique to be softer and more gentle than other therapies. This also means that your therapist will have your comfort in mind every step of the way in their approach.

Know The Benefits

There are countless benefits of getting a prenatal massage. According to studies from the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, pregnant women who receive weekly massages can decrease their cortisol levels and increase their dopamine and serotonin levels. Moreover, researchers have also linked hormonal changes like these to fewer birth-related complications. The emotional benefits of prenatal massage are truly unparalleled!

Patients can also expect to see physical benefits such as a decrease in discomforts like back pain and headaches. After a long day of aches and pains, a prenatal massage could be a wonderful way to decompress.

When all is said and done, a prenatal massage is a perfect way to relax and take the day for yourself. You can rest easy knowing your experienced massage therapist will have you in good hands!

Schedule Your First Prenatal Massage In Denver

It’s always important to know what to expect from a prenatal massage. While the benefits are always great, making sure you find the right therapist for you is key. At Wayfare Wellness, we are trained in a multitude of targeted massage techniques and prenatal massage is one of our specialties. With our customized approach, we will provide mom and baby with the ultimate relaxation and tension relieving experience. If you’re interested in booking a prenatal massage in Denver, contact us today!

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The journey of pregnancy can often be an arduous one. Everything you do is impacted by your baby for 9 months, including how you do your work, what you eat, and how your take care of yourself. You’re doing all that you can to ensure the health of your future child, but you’re most likely missing out on the huge health benefits of prenatal massage. Pregnancy massage in Denver can improve the well-being of your fetus and, within a few sessions, you can experience great impacts on your health as well.

If you experience discomfort, recurring pains, excessive anxiety, or have an over-active baby throughout your pregnancy, prenatal massage may be exactly what you need to improve the overall experience of being pregnant.

Improving Your Life with Pregnancy Massage In Denver

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic massage techniques have been shown, time and time again, to improve health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. Pregnancy massage is no exception. The benefits of prenatal massage have been well documented for many years, thanks to thorough research studies. And these benefits are not just limited to the mother or the baby; pregnancy massage in Denver can benefit the health of both parties.

Here are just a few benefits of prenatal massage:

  • Decreased anxiety - Studies have shown massage therapy lowers cortisol levels in mothers, which, in turn, decreases excessive fetal activity and lowers the rate of premature births.

  • Improved mood and reduced depression - A research study of 84 depressed women in their second trimester reported that the women experienced higher levels of dopamine and serotonin from a few 20-minute massage therapy sessions per week, along with better neonatal outcomes (i.e., premature births, low birth-weights, etc.).

  • Reduced pain - Aside from those studies already mentioned above, others have documented how pregnant women have experienced less back pains and leg pains from prenatal massage therapy sessions.

To put it more clearly: prenatal massage improves your physical and psychological well-being, and reduces birthing complications, which makes for an easier pregnancy. And who doesn’t want an easier pregnancy?

Learn more about the benefits of prenatal massage from our previous blog post.

What Would A Pregnancy Massage in Denver Look Like?

First and foremost, your health is the priority. Before booking a prenatal massage session, you should speak to both your doctor and your massage therapist to fully understand the precautions you may need to take. As we’ve covered, the benefits of prenatal massage are many and growing, but the safety/health of you and your baby come first.

While each individual is different and each pregnancy is unique, a typical prenatal massage session could last between 30-60 minutes. For the majority of the session, you will lay on your side (alternating sides halfway through) while resting your body on a pillow, adjusted to your body type and point in the pregnancy. We can adjust your body position throughout the session, to semi-reclined supported positions or other prone positions, if needed.

Massage therapists can use a variety of techniques to address your pain areas. So, if you suffer from neck pains and migraines while pregnant, massage therapists could take a cranial-sacral approach. Or if you have consistently swollen and sensitive feet, perhaps a swedish massage technique would work best. It all depends on your pain points and your comfort level.

Of course, the pacing of the massage, the body positions, and massage pressure will vary from person to person. Comfort is of paramount importance for pregnancy massages in Denver and your massage therapist should be putting your comfort first throughout your massage.

The Best Pregnancy Massage in Denver

At Wayfare Wellness, our certified massage therapist, Sarah, has been thoroughly trained in a wide variety of massage therapy approaches and has practiced them with many clients. One of our specialties is prenatal massage, so Sarah knows the ins-and-outs of prenatal massage and understands exactly how to provide the best pain relief for you.

Whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant or you’re counting down the days in the third trimester, we can develop a personalized massage therapy plan to give you the best results. Wayfare Wellness is a leader in pregnancy massage in Denver, so let us show you how we can benefit you.

Experience the benefits of prenatal massage first hand and book your first massage therapy session with Wayfare Wellness today. Or contact us to learn more about what we can offer.

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4 Reasons To Book A Massage In Downtown Denver

The holiday season is in full swing, the days are getting shorter, the to-do list is getting longer, and the year is about to come to an end. If the end of year stress is getting to you, don’t fret. A massage in downtown Denver is exactly what Santa Claus has in order for you. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of regular massage therapy and how you can schedule appointments that are convenient for you.

Why You Need a Massage in Downtown Denver

1.) Regular Massage Helps You Reap The Maximum Benefits

Whether you see a massage therapist for stress relief, pain management, or a combination of both, one thing is most likely for sure - you are not seeing your massage therapist often enough. A massage therapist works with your soft tissue to keep your muscles relaxed and increase blood flow through the body as a way to prevent pain and injury. When your appointments infrequent, your massage therapist is spending most of your appointment time getting you back to the point of physical and mental relaxation that was achieved the last time you saw him or her. Therefore, if your goal is injury recovery or pain relief, you likely won’t achieve it without regular treatment. It is for this reason that Wayfare Wellness is strategically located in the heart of downtown Denver. Whether you work downtown, live nearby, or frequent the area for meetings and events, you can make a downtown Denver massage fit into your schedule on a regular basis.

2.) An Easy Massage Is A Better Massage

Our location makes it easy for clients to book regular appointments within their ongoing schedule. We all know that things that are challenging to fit in the schedule often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. When you know that you won’t have to schedule weeks in advance to get an appointment with your trusted massage therapist, you won’t have to worry about traffic or other obstacles to prevent you from getting to your appointment, and you don’t have to book extra time on either side for travel to your massage in downtown Denver, you can rest easy and enjoy the treatment our therapist provides to you.

3.) Online Booking, Various Appointment Times, And A Convenient Location

Our massages in downtown Denver are made even better by our online booking system. You can log on to our website and find an appointment time that works best for you without having to pick up the phone or navigate a complicated automated attendant. In addition to the ability to book your appointment for downtown Denver massages with relative ease online, you’re also not confined to a single appointment length.

Wayfare Wellness offers 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute massages so that you can book your appointment in a time slot that makes sense for your schedule. If you’re popping in on your lunch break a shorter appointment time might be ideal for you, whereas a half day at the office may lend itself to a longer appointment time.

4.) Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Or Swedish Massage In Downtown Denver

Whatever type of massage you may need, we can accommodate in our downtown office. This is highly beneficial to clients who maybe work for a company that has massage therapy as part of their workplace wellness program, but it is limited to seated shiatsu or another type of treatment that does not quite get the job done. Whether you are pregnant, recovering from muscle strain or injury, or just need a focused treatment to help your body handle the daily wear and tear, we can offer a treatment plan that works for you.

Book Your Massage In Downtown Denver Today

If you live, work, or frequent downtown Denver, Wayfare Wellness needs to be in your rolodex. Our online booking system and 16th Street Mall location makes it easy for you to fit a massage in downtown Denver into your schedule. Book your massage here - and while you’re at it, go ahead and book your next one! Regular massage offers a number of benefits, helping you get the most out of your downtown Denver massage.

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