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Massage therapy is hands-down one of the best ways to rejuvenate your body. One of the most famous techniques, Swedish massage, is a wonderful massage therapy option for those looking to relax. This type of technique involves long, softer strokes as opposed to deep, targeted pressure. The main goal of this therapy is to invoke a sense of tranquility and calmness in your body and mind. As leading providers of Swedish massage in Denver, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. These answers should help you determine if Swedish massage is right for you.

What Does The Pressure Feel Like?

For Swedish massage, the pressure of the massage strokes tend to be light. This allows the body to relax and it encourages the blood to flow more freely throughout the body. You can always communicate with your therapist to increase or decrease the pressure as needed.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For This Type Of Massage?

Anyone and everyone who is looking to ease their muscular tension is an excellent candidate! The wonderful thing about getting a Swedish massage in Denver is that it is extremely versatile and beneficial for everyone. If relaxation is your top priority during a massage, then this is the massage technique for you. However, if you are an avid athlete, then a deep tissue massage may be a better option for you.

How Will I Feel After?

After your Swedish massage, you should expect to feel extremely relaxed and calm. You may even feel a little out-of-it or very “zen”, which is why we recommend limiting strenuous activity. Since the massage therapist has been working your muscles and tissue, we also recommend drinking plenty of water post-massage.

It’s also best to not have any important events or activities directly after your massage. Your body will be in the ultimate relaxation-mode after your massage. You may feel so relaxed that you may just want to curl up with a good book or fall asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

How Should I Prepare For A Swedish Massage?

One of the best things about a Swedish massage is that it requires little preparation and planning beforehand. All you really need to do is show up to your appointment! If you really want to get the most out of your massage, you should consider stretching for 10 minutes beforehand.

We’d recommend that you arrive with comfortable clothes and a water bottle on-hand. Believe us: there’s nothing better than slipping into some cozy sweatpants after a relaxing massage! The water bottle will also come in handy when it’s time to hydrate post therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage in Denver can be a wonderful experience for those with tension and pain in their body. The light strokes will help ease tight muscles and allow your body to relax. To top it all off, Swedish massage can also contribute to lymph drainage. Thanks to the movement of the kneading and pressure, your lymph fluid(or the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system) will be encouraged to drain. This drainage helps further decrease swelling and puffiness in the body.

When Should I Book My First Swedish Massage?

Whenever you want! The wonderful thing about a Swedish massage is that it can remedy a number of different problems. If you’re simply feeling stressed at work or if you have some muscle pain, this massage technique is perfect for you at any time.

Experience Your Swedish Massage In Denver Today

Massage is one of the best therapies that you can treat your body to. Swedish massage, in particular, is a wonderful and highly beneficial technique that is used for a variety of purposes. You truly can’t go wrong with booking this type of massage therapy! At Wayfare Wellness, we specialize in this calming and rejuvenating technique.

We hope that this guide answered all of your questions about Swedish massage. If not, we’re always happy to share our expertise in-person and our massage therapist will answer all of your questions. Book your first Swedish massage in Denver with Wayfare Wellness today!

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It’s always one of the first questions we get from new clients: “what’s a Swedish massage?” Many people come to massage therapy for pain relief, but aren’t certain which approach will work best for them. From deep tissue to neuromuscular, it can be tough for newcomers to understand the differences. Let’s clear the air and examine the ins-and-outs of Swedish massage and how it can benefit you.

So, What’s A Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is a light pressure massage technique that alleviates superficial muscle tension and problem areas. This technique is rooted in physiological and anatomical science. Swedish massage is arguably the most well known and widely used massage therapy technique.

The common strokes of the technique involves the use of fingers, knuckles, and palms to create circular pressure. Swedish massage is often used to warm-up and prepare the body for more intense massage therapy, like deep tissue or sports massage.

What’s A Swedish Massage Feel Like?

Usually after we define what’s a Swedish massage, most patients want to learn more about this unique technique. Many describe it as a soothing and relaxing sensation. You may experience sensations of stretching, kneading, and/or tapping on your body. These feelings can be amplified by any essential oils that your massage therapist may use.

Afterwards, you’ll leave the session with reduced muscle pain, a clear mind, and a relaxed body. You’ll also have a very clear sense of what’s a swedish massage like. If you are new to massage therapy, you may experience some muscle soreness in the days following your massage.

How Can It Benefit Me?

It’s easy enough to define what’s a Swedish massage. But, most people are more interested in how it benefits them. Aside from the obvious benefit of relaxation, there are many other health benefits to Swedish massage therapy. Here are a few of the most common benefits that patients experience:

  • Reduced Pain - This flexible approach effectively alleviates and treats pain points throughout the body.

  • Lower Blood Pressure - Studies have shown that regular Swedish massage therapy can improve circulatory issues and reduce their severity.

  • Improve Immune System Function - Research has also shown that just one session can positively impact your hormone levels and your immune system.

Additional research is currently being conducted on the health benefits of Swedish massage. Which means we’ve only begun to uncover the hidden benefits of this form of massage. So, instead of asking “what’s a Swedish massage,” people should be asking, “what can’t a Swedish massage do for me?”

Is Swedish Massage Right For Me?

Swedish massage is the perfect introductory technique for anyone new to massage therapy. There’s a reason why it’s so widely practiced. It’s the most adaptable form of massage therapy out there. Depending on your needs, this technique can be easily integrated into any other form of massage therapy. So, even if you benefit the most from deep tissue massage therapy, you can still reap the benefits of Swedish massage.

If you suffer from recurring pain issues, Swedish massage could be the missing piece to your self-care strategy.

Where Can I Book My First Appointment?

Now that we’ve answered the frequently asked question, “what’s a Swedish massage,” the most common follow-up question is: “where do I sign up?” With our online booking system, you can find the best time slot in your day to meet with our experienced massage therapist. Book your first Swedish massage appointment with Wayfare Wellness today!

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Monday, 03 December 2018 16:26

4 Reasons To Book A Massage In Downtown Denver

The holiday season is in full swing, the days are getting shorter, the to-do list is getting longer, and the year is about to come to an end. If the end of year stress is getting to you, don’t fret. A massage in downtown Denver is exactly what Santa Claus has in order for you. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of regular massage therapy and how you can schedule appointments that are convenient for you.

Why You Need a Massage in Downtown Denver

1.) Regular Massage Helps You Reap The Maximum Benefits

Whether you see a massage therapist for stress relief, pain management, or a combination of both, one thing is most likely for sure - you are not seeing your massage therapist often enough. A massage therapist works with your soft tissue to keep your muscles relaxed and increase blood flow through the body as a way to prevent pain and injury. When your appointments infrequent, your massage therapist is spending most of your appointment time getting you back to the point of physical and mental relaxation that was achieved the last time you saw him or her. Therefore, if your goal is injury recovery or pain relief, you likely won’t achieve it without regular treatment. It is for this reason that Wayfare Wellness is strategically located in the heart of downtown Denver. Whether you work downtown, live nearby, or frequent the area for meetings and events, you can make a downtown Denver massage fit into your schedule on a regular basis.

2.) An Easy Massage Is A Better Massage

Our location makes it easy for clients to book regular appointments within their ongoing schedule. We all know that things that are challenging to fit in the schedule often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. When you know that you won’t have to schedule weeks in advance to get an appointment with your trusted massage therapist, you won’t have to worry about traffic or other obstacles to prevent you from getting to your appointment, and you don’t have to book extra time on either side for travel to your massage in downtown Denver, you can rest easy and enjoy the treatment our therapist provides to you.

3.) Online Booking, Various Appointment Times, And A Convenient Location

Our massages in downtown Denver are made even better by our online booking system. You can log on to our website and find an appointment time that works best for you without having to pick up the phone or navigate a complicated automated attendant. In addition to the ability to book your appointment for downtown Denver massages with relative ease online, you’re also not confined to a single appointment length.

Wayfare Wellness offers 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute massages so that you can book your appointment in a time slot that makes sense for your schedule. If you’re popping in on your lunch break a shorter appointment time might be ideal for you, whereas a half day at the office may lend itself to a longer appointment time.

4.) Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Or Swedish Massage In Downtown Denver

Whatever type of massage you may need, we can accommodate in our downtown office. This is highly beneficial to clients who maybe work for a company that has massage therapy as part of their workplace wellness program, but it is limited to seated shiatsu or another type of treatment that does not quite get the job done. Whether you are pregnant, recovering from muscle strain or injury, or just need a focused treatment to help your body handle the daily wear and tear, we can offer a treatment plan that works for you.

Book Your Massage In Downtown Denver Today

If you live, work, or frequent downtown Denver, Wayfare Wellness needs to be in your rolodex. Our online booking system and 16th Street Mall location makes it easy for you to fit a massage in downtown Denver into your schedule. Book your massage here - and while you’re at it, go ahead and book your next one! Regular massage offers a number of benefits, helping you get the most out of your downtown Denver massage.

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