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Your safety is our #1 concern at Wayfare Wellness. That’s why we have developed the strictest precautions to keep each and every one of our clients safe during this time. Since our reopening back in May, we have worked diligently to find ways to make our space the safest it can be. And we know how stressful these past few months have been for everyone, that’s why we make it our priority to worry about all of the safety logistics so our clients don’t have to! If you’ve experienced extra stress and tension lately, check out how we are prioritizing our clients’ health with therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver.

Mandatory Mask Enforcement

As you may know, there is now a state-wide mask order mandated by the Colorado governor, Jared Polis. However, we have been requiring masks since we reopened. We feel that this is what needs to be done to make sure every client feels safe and secure in our office. So if you’re ready to book a much-needed therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver, book an appointment today - and bring your mask!

Massaging Clients Face-Down Upon Request

While some clients may feel comfortable with a complete full-body massage, others may only feel comfortable being massaged face-down. We understand this precaution and we hear you! If you are at all uneasy about booking your massage, know that we have face-down only options to be sure you are completely comfortable with your session. Simply let our massage therapist know at the beginning of your appointment and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Strict Sanitation Process

Though we’ve always maintained the highest level of sanitation, we have taken even more extreme measures to make sure the entire office is sanitized between visits and is completely disinfected. This includes offering hand sanitizer, wiping down all shared areas, and using hospital-grade solutions on bedding. Rest assured, if you schedule a therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver with us, you will not be let down by our strict cleaning process.

Extra Time Between Each Client To Account For Social Distancing

In order to follow social distancing strictly and to properly clean and disinfect the office, I will be allowing more time in between each client. This means there will only be one client in the office at a time and I will conduct a cleaning routine before and after appointment frames. We take the World Health Organization’s (WHO) social distancing and cleaning suggestions very seriously and implement all recommendations into our daily operation. If you’ve been wanting a therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver in Downtown Denver but have been worried about the precautions the business takes, make sure they have a strict protocol in place!

No Massages For Sick Clients

Though we do want to offer massage therapy for everyone, we will be turning away anyone who is exhibiting any symptoms of sickness - no exceptions. No matter the severity symptoms, we must insist that if you are feeling under the weather in any way, you cancel your appointment. We will not allow any sick clients into our office. However, we have also waived any cancellation fees during this time, so there will not be any repercussions for cancelling appointments. We would rather have you be safe than sorry!

Book Your Therapeutic Massage In Downtown Denver!

Here at Wayfare Wellness, your comfort and safety is our top concern - that’s why we have these practices in place to keep everyone healthy and safe! If you’ve been in need of a massage these past few months, look no further than our downtown office. With the strictest of precautions, you’ll get the much-needed stress-relief you deserve.

Ready to book a therapeutic massage in Downtown Denver? Contact us today!

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There’s a good reason why the idea of incorporating health and wellness into our daily routines is trending. In any given year, 1 in 5 employed adults in the U.S. experiences a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. To make matters worse, approximately 20% of adults suffer from chronic pain every day. So, why would we not prioritize our health and wellness? We all have our own self-care routines, but therapeutic massage could add many benefits to your overall welfare. Let’s examine why massage therapy should be a part of everyone’s wellness routine.

Ease Your Stress

There’s truly nothing more relaxing than a massage with a qualified massage therapist. Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, anxiety, and even headaches. Therapeutic massage takes it one step further by giving your body a chance to relax, unwind, and repair itself.

The great thing about massage therapy is that it is completely customizable for anyone and everyone. For those who need another way to relax, therapies like a Swedish massage will accomplish just that. Custom upgrades like aromatherapy or pain-relief lotions can add onto the relaxation of your massage session. Even 30 minutes of Swedish massage therapy can make a world of difference on your stress levels. With all of the compounding stress of your work and personal life, it is essential that you make the time to ease your tension. You can effectively reduce your stress by incorporating therapeutic massage into your wellness routine.

Alleviate Your Muscle Pain

Therapeutic massage comes in all shapes in sizes. From deep tissue to neuromuscular massage therapy, there will always be a therapy that is right for your personal needs. The different forms of massage therapy vary in degrees of pressure. Firmer approaches are usually more valuable for those who experience frequent muscle pain. Under the care of an experienced massage therapist, these deeper massage techniques can be very effective at alleviating muscle pain. With repeated massage sessions, you can start to treat your chronic body pain!

Just remember that massage therapy should never be painful. High quality massage therapists will always take the necessary steps to address your needs. They can only alleviate your muscular pains if there is clear communication between you two, so be sure to ask questions and to discuss your wellness goals beforehand.

Improve Your Circulation

The benefits of massage are never ending! Did you know that massage therapy can improve your circulation? There are two main types of circulation in the body: lymph flow circulation and blood flow circulation. As your massage therapist kneads your muscles, blood is circulated through those congested areas of your body. This helps improve your overall circulation. Though most massage therapies have the added benefit of regulating your circulation, certain types of massage can target specific lymphatic issues. This type of therapy works by manipulating the lymph fluid build up, which then reduces swelling and puffiness in the body.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the massage therapies that we offer. Each treatment offers its own unique benefits, but every therapy works to improve your circulation. By committing to regular massage therapy, you will set yourself up for the greatest success for combating your circulation issues.

Book Your Therapeutic Massage Today

There are countless benefits to adding massage therapy to your weekly wellness routine. It’s an essential self-care element that helps keep your body fully functional and your mind fully clear. The time is now to finally invest in your health and wellness.

Schedule your first appointment with Wayfare Wellness today to get the best therapeutic massage in Denver!

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Upon first glance it may seem like neuromuscular massage and deep tissue massage are the same thing. That assumption could not be further from the truth. When you square up neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue massage, the minute differences start to stand out. While there are some shared similarities, these two therapeutic techniques are unique in their own ways. The stark contrasts that separate the treatments are not always obvious to most people. Our massage therapist wanted to clear the air and address the differences between these innovative massage therapies.

Neuromuscular Massage Vs Deep Tissue Massage

Before we dive into the differences, we should make it perfectly clear that these two therapies are similar. Neuromuscular massage and deep tissue massage both work to alleviate chronic pains. Both of these techniques are also far more intense than other relaxing massage therapy techniques, like Swedish massage. These two treatments can often feel so similar that some massage therapists will use the terms interchangeably.

Even with their similarities, the comparison of neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue can reveal some clear differences. Let’s dive into the defining differences between these massage therapies.


When you compare neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue, one of the bigger differences derives from the education of your massage therapist. In order to practice neuromuscular massage, your massage therapist needs a specialized certification. Without this education, a massage therapist cannot practice neuromuscular massage therapy at all!

This special degree can require a few extra years of school. A fair number of massage therapists will deice to not pursue that additional certification. This means that neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT) can only be performed by a handful of massage therapists. At Wayfare Wellness, our talented massage therapist, Sarah, earned her degree in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy from the Colorado School of Healing Arts. Thanks to this specialization, Wayfare Wellness is fully licensed and able to provide NMT to our Denver-based clients!

Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, does not require a specialized massage therapy certification. Of course, your massage therapist still needs a formal education. This just means that deep tissue massage is more widely available that NMT.

Treatment Goals And Therapy Approaches

Deep tissue massage and NMT are also distinctly different in their approaches and overall functions. Of course, they serve the same ultimate goal of improving the well-being of the individual client. When we compare neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue, it’s clear that these methods achieve that end-goal in different ways.

Deep tissue massage is an intense form of massage therapy that treats musculoskeletal issues. The technique aims to treat muscle pains and aches through slow deep strokes and sustained pressure. Most sessions of deep tissue massage will start out with some lighter Swedish massage to warm up the muscles before increasing the intensity. Deep tissue massage has been proven to be an effective form of chronic pain relief. It’s worth noting that:

  • Deep tissue massage is usually sought out on an “as needed” basis.

  • In a single session, deep tissue massage can help treat a handful of problems across your whole body.

Neuromuscular massage therapy can basically be equated to a form of medical massage therapy. It’s a highly-specialized and extremely focused treatment method. NMT focuses on areas of muscle spasm to relieve chronic stiffness and pain. Some cases of muscle spasm might require the usage of a massage therapy tool called the T-bar. This innovative tool helps isolate trigger points and give your massage therapist the appropriate leverage to treat those tight and painful areas. As we compare neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue, we should mention that:

  • NMT is utilized to treat just one painful area of the body.

  • NMT is sought out when a specific condition needs immediate professional treatment.

  • It will take at least a few sessions to properly treat a given condition.

What These Therapies Treat

Which is the better option for me: neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue massage? Both of these treatment techniques are technically designed to alleviate muscular pains. However, one method might provide better results for certain aches, pains, and conditions.

Deep tissue massage is best for treating aches and pains that are rooted in your connective tissues. Deep tissue massage is best used as a treatment for:

  • Limited mobility issues

  • Injury recovery

  • Repetitive strains

  • Muscle tension

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sciatica

  • Chronic pain

On the other hand, NMT is best used for those suffering from chronic pain that is caused by more serious dysfunctions. These could include:

  • Nerve damage

  • Nerve compression

  • Neural entrapment

  • Ischemia

  • Myofascial trigger points

  • Dysfunctional gait patterns

  • And more

Hopefully we’ve cleared up your questions with our comparison on neuromuscular massage vs deep tissue massage. Even with our explanation, we understand that these two techniques can still cause some mild confusion. If you have any further questions on which would be best for you, then please feel free to contact us today. Our experienced massage therapist is happy to answer any of your pressing questions.

Experience Better Pain Relief With Wayfare Wellness

Too many people suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. It can interfere with every aspect of your life. Whether you’re in need of neuromuscular massage or deep tissue, one of these treatments can deliver the pain relief that you need. At Wayfare Wellness, we can help you achieve that pain relief through our effective massage therapy techniques.

Book your first appointment with Wayfare Wellness and start improving your health and well-being today!

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Monday, 01 October 2018 15:10

What To Expect From Sports Massage In Denver

Sports massage is a type of therapy that many athletes don’t know to take advantage of. It is unique not necessarily in its technique, but rather in its intention. Sports massage in Denver combines a variety of modalities to target the specific physical and biomechanical needs of athletes. Should you be taking advantage of sports massage therapy?

What to Expect from Sports Massage in Denver

What Makes Sports Massage Different?

The techniques used to perform a sports massage are not technically different than those used to perform myofascial massage, deep tissue massage, or another type of massage that you may be more familiar with. Where the intent of, say, a deep tissue massage is to reduce muscle tension and relieve related pain, the intent of using the deep tissue technique in a sports massage is to relieve tension while increasing range of motion and improving soft tissue function.

Sports Massage In Denver Can Be Separated Into Four Categories

Sports massage in Denver can be divided based on the specific goal an athlete wishes to achieve through the massage. We can look at these goals through one of four lenses: pre-event massage, post-event massage, restorative therapy, or rehabilitative therapy. Let’s talk about each of these types of sports massage.


An athlete experienced in massage therapy can benefit from sports massage in a seven to two day window prior to a major event. Sports massage can be utilized in preparation for an event because the targeted techniques can improve soft tissue function, restore range of motion, reduce soreness or tightness related to training, and lessen fatigue and tension. All of these factors can decrease your performance, so a sports massage can help you reach your peak abilities prior to a big event.


For athletes that have just a few major events that they train long durations for, post-event sports massage can be exponentially beneficial in reducing the recovery time. Experienced athletes can take advantage of a post-event sports massage anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours after an event, while less experienced athletes may find them too sore immediately after an event to benefit from a massage. If that describes your post-event experience, you may want to wait up to three or four days after an event so that your body doesn’t resist the therapeutic treatment.


Restorative sports massage in Denver can be used simultaneously with other training and recovery efforts. Athletes who train on a daily basis can take advantage of restorative massage efforts because it supports the body throughout the entire process of breaking down and building up muscle tissue that occurs in regular, ongoing training. Scheduling restorative sports massage even as infrequently as once per month can have benefits on an athlete’s performance.


While a massage therapist cannot diagnose an injury you may be suffering from due to your sports training, they can offer treatment to stimulate healing and recovery. If you have a severe or chronic injury, talk with your MD about adding sports massage to your recovery regimen. A therapist can give your body the tools it needs to heal in a safe and productive environment.

Prepare For Sports Massage In Denver

If you are considering scheduling a sports massage, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make sure you are prepared.

Drink plenty of water. If you’ve never gotten a massage before, you may experience some soreness following your treatment due to the release of toxins from overworked muscles. Staying hydrated before and after your massage will help flush out these toxins and get your body back to peak performance.

Don’t expect a traditional, relaxing experience. Sports massage can be more accurately compared to a physical therapy appointment than to a trip to the spa. You can anticipate that your massage therapist will send you home with some “homework” to continue to work they began during your sports massage.

Be ready to talk to your therapist. Your sports massage will be most beneficial if you communicate with your massage therapist. One characteristic of sports massage is the highly focused treatment. You won’t get a full body massage, but rather, highly specific treatment on areas of your body that will enhance your sports performance.

Whether you’re an athlete following a rigorous training regimen or you’re preparing for a good-natured race with your friends or family, a sports massage can help you increase your performance while decreasing your risk of injury. To schedule your sports massage in Denver, contact Wayfare Wellness today.

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Friday, 02 February 2018 15:53

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

If you are an expecting mother, you know all too well that your body is going through some major changes. Whether you are early in your first trimester or rounding the corner of month nine, taking care of your body is of the utmost priority for both you and your baby. Prenatal massage can be a widely beneficial part of your self care routine as you prepare to welcome a new life into your home.

Considering Prenatal Massage

First thing is first, you will want to talk to both your doctor and your massage therapist to understand the necessary precautions you may need to take. No two pregnancies are alike, so having an open line of communication with your OB and your massage therapist will help you get the most out of your prenatal massages and ensure that you are safe throughout your pregnancy.

Body Position

One of the most common questions we hear from women who are considering prenatal massage is “how am I going to lay?” An understandable concern as your belly expands, prenatal massage accommodates this by having the patient lay on their side. Your massage therapist will also have pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you find a comfortable position for your massage.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

First Trimester

Prenatal massage during the first trimester faces a lot of scrutiny. With the OK from your doctor, an experienced massage therapist can help you have a safe and relaxing experience during your prenatal massage.

During the first trimester, your body is going through fewer physical changes than it is hormonal. Prenatal massage can help alleviate the headaches, constipation, and even morning sickness that is common during the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is not only taxing physically, but also mentally. Massage can be a beneficial part of your self-care routine to help you relax and improve your overall well-being. Incorporating this early in your pregnancy helps set the standard for your body.

Second Trimester

For many women, during this stage of the pregnancy, the hormonal changes that cause morning sickness and other symptoms begin to subside. This is the point when the physical changes your body is going through begin to shift your center of gravity. You may begin to experience back pain and other tense muscles, which prenatal massage can be very beneficial in treating. Massage increases blood flow to the tissues in your body, helping them remain healthy throughout the stages of pregnancy.

Third Trimester

The final stage of your pregnancy brings both physical and mental stress and you prepare your home and body for the baby. During this stage, the physical tax on your body increases as the baby gets heavier so prenatal massage provides the necessary care needed to relax your muscles. Additionally, prenatal massage can help your abdominal and pelvic muscles prepare for the upcoming birthing process.

Overall, prenatal massage can play a strategic role throughout your pregnancy in keeping your mind and body healthy. Not only does and experienced prenatal massage therapist have the capability to relieve some of the muscular discomfort that accompanies your changing body, but they can also aide in the regulation of your system to alleviate symptoms like headaches, heartburn, and anxiety.

If you are expecting and interested in learning more about prenatal massage and the benefits it can offer throughout your pregnancy, contact Wayfare Wellness today.

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Massage Therapy Appointment FAQs Answered

Going to your first massage therapy appointment can be a nerve-wracking experience when you don't know what to expect. There are many questions that might be running through your mind:

“What do I wear?”

“What if I fall asleep?”

“What if I don't like it?”

Massage therapy is a great addition to any wellness routine, so we're here to tell you: there's nothing to fear! We're answering some of the most commonly asked questions about what happens at a massage therapy appointment. And, if this doesn't answer all of your questions, you can also check out our recent post about what to expect during your first massage at Wayfare Wellness.

There is no question too silly or awkward to keep you from enjoying the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Massage Therapy Appointment FAQ

When Is The Best Time To Schedule A Massage?

There is no perfect time to schedule a massage therapy appointment. If you have a really stressful week ahead of you, scheduling an hour of solitude and relaxation at the end of the chaos can help you recover more quickly. If you prefer the opposite, a massage to help you prepare for a busy week, that works, too! It's all about what makes the most sense for you and your schedule. While there is no magic answer to when to schedule your massage therapy appointment to maximize the effects, there are somethings you can do before and after to maintain the relaxed state.

  • DO get your workout in before your scheduled massage.

  • DON'T eat a big meal right before a massage.

  • DO drink your last cup of coffee or caffeinated drink at least an hour before your massage therapy appointment.

Should I Shower Before Or After My Massage?

Showering before your massage is always appreciated – especially if you squeezed in your daily workout before your appointment. Not only are you fresh and clean for your massage therapist, but the warm water from the shower helps loosen your muscles for the maximum effect.

Therapeutic massage often utilizes a lotion or oil that can leave a mild residue on the skin, so you may want to rinse off following your massage, as well.

Don't forget that the massage therapist will be working in close proximity to your body, so hold back on the perfume or cologne until after your massage therapy appointment is over.

What Do I Wear?

During a therapeutic massage, you will lay on a massage table that has clean sheets that will be draped over your body, excluding the area that's being treated at that specific moment. Massage therapists learn specific draping techniques that are designed to help clients feel comfortable and protected. That being said, you can wear as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with. Most therapists will treat clothed areas as no-treatment zones. If you prefer to remain fully clothed, that's perfectly okay. Some massage techniques, such as shiatsu, are done without any kind of disrobing.

My ____________ Isn't Normal.

As a massage therapist, it is our job to treat your body, not judge it. We see all shapes and sizes and there is no such thing as normal! You don't have to worry about those 10 pounds you can't seem to lose or that you didn't get a chance to shave your legs when you come into your massage therapy appointment.

During Your Massage Therapy Appointment

Do I Have To Make Conversation?

If talking helps you relax, then, by all means, chatter away. We're happy to talk about whatever you'd like, but we are also just as happy to stay quiet and let you relax to soothing music. We will follow your lead.

We do encourage you to communicate with us throughout your appointment. We may ask you how the pressure feels at certain intervals and you can be honest, if it's too much or not enough, we want to know so we can adjust and help you get the most out of your massage.

Will It Hurt?

Some massage therapy techniques utilize more pressure than others. Particularly, during deep tissue and sports massage therapy appointments, you may experience slight discomfort as your therapist works through a the tension in your body. Keep the lines of communication open, you should never be in pain during a massage.

If you're nervous about how it might feel, you might be more comfortable trying a more gentle technique, such as cranial-sacral or swedish massage, to start with.

What If I...

These types of questions are probably the most wondered and least asked questions when it comes to a massage therapy appointment.

We understand that bodily functions happen. It's the circle of life and we roll with it and will continue with your treatment.

If you have to go to the bathroom, let us know. Many massage therapy offices will have a robe that you can wear to run out to the restroom and come back.

If you fall asleep, we will be flattered. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your massage therapy appointment, so if you doze off, we've succeeded.

Anything else you can think of that might happen in a massage therapy appointment, we've probably experienced at least once or twice. Your massage therapist is a professional and they are there to treat your mind and body to help you feel your best.

Let us pamper you in downtown Denver. Book your first massage therapy appointment today!

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