What Is A Massage Therapy Appointment Like?

We're constantly asked the question, "What's a massage therapy appointment like?" If it's your first time experiencing massage, then you're in luck. Here we'll dive into the ins-and-outs of your massage appointment and what you should expect.

What Should I Expect at My Massage Therapy Appointment?

With your first massage therapy appointment, we’ll have a small amount of paperwork, and we’ll need to ask you some general health questions since there are some conditions for which massage is not appropriate.

Your therapy will take place on a table specially designed for stability and comfort. Your therapist may offer cushions or an adjustable face rest for support. The room will be warm and quiet, often with soft music to set a relaxing mood. Your therapist will leave the room while you undress, relax onto the table and cover yourself with the fresh linens on the table.

For full body therapy, most people undress completely, though you may choose to wear underwear. You are draped securely at all times, except for the area of the body the therapist is working on.

Your therapist will usually use a lubricant, such as light oil or lotion, which is good for the skin and absorbs well. Please tell your therapist right away if you have sensitivities or allergies to such things.

Your session usually begins with a light steady touch, followed by broad, flowing strokes, which calms your nervous system and releases tension in your superficial muscles. Gradually, as your body becomes ready, your therapist works more deeply to relax specific areas. Communication with your therapist will add benefit to your visit. Communicating, too deep, too soft, what is good and what is uncomfortable helps your therapist to adjust their technique and touch.

How Long is a Massage Therapy Appointment?

An hour is a common length for a session, which is enough time for a deep, relaxing full body massage, or some more in-depth work on a particular area for instance, back, neck, and shoulders.

A half hour can be an excellent introduction to massage, with plenty of time for a focused massage, such as back, neck, shoulders, legs or feet.

One and a half hours is enough time for a full body massage along with special attention to a problem area.

Understand that the time of your massage includes your preparation time.

What Do I Do After My Massage Therapy Appointment?

When your session ends, your therapist will leave the room while you dress. Be aware that deep tissue therapy can be profoundly relaxing, and it affects all of your body’s systems. Give yourself a moment to reorient before slowly getting up from the table. Drink plenty of water following your session. It will help rid the body of toxins that your muscles have released during the session. Remember to reschedule before you leave the office. Getting a massage once or twice a month will help reduce your stress.