Sports massage therapy can be a particularly effective tool to add to your training regimen because it can loosen tight muscles and improve your range of movement. Therapeutic sports massage is not just for pro athletes, though! A focused sports massage can benefit weekend flag football stars, after-work gym goers, and Denver's toughest mountain climbers, too.

A close up image of the shoulder muscles.

Sports Massage and Athletic Recovery

Whatever you are training for, you are using your muscles in repetitive movements and often with quick bursts of energy. Whether you are a runner, skier, climber, biker, team sports player, or walker, each activity uses specific muscle groups, and over time, the repetitions cause muscle fatigue. If the muscle does not recover properly, it can cause a weakness that may lead to an eventual injury.

Wayfare Wellness offers the best therapeutic sports massage in downtown Denver. We target the muscle groups in which your preferred sport puts the most stress to relieve pain and prepare your muscles for the strenuous exercise they endure. Our sports massage therapist will focus on the specific areas that are sore, weak, or strained, and work through any adhesions and lactic acid that has built up over time. This specialized and focused therapy helps you take care of your muscles, tendons, and joints to enhance your athletic performance. Sports massage can reduce the recovery time after a game or workout, and it can be useful before any activity to support your athletic performance.

Sports Massage Therapy for Optimal Athletic Performance

Denver's best sports massage therapy program includes a custom designed treatment regimen that targets the muscles and tendons that are most effected by your activity. By working on these areas, our sports massage therapist can promote better circulation and reduce muscle fatigue which aids in improving endurance and preventing injuries.

By incorporating sports massage into your regular training regimen, your body has the support it needs to help you run faster, climb higher, or lift more. Your sports performance is enhanced when your muscles and tendons are well taken care of.

Sports Massage Therapy and Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness prevents you from performing at your peak. You lose flexibility, you tire more quickly - you are just simply not at your best. You can take a pain reliever to mask the pain or you can treat it at its source with the best sports massage therapy in Denver.

Sarah Monreal, our sports massage therapist, can help you prepare for a big sports event or maintain your everyday workout regimen. She will work with you to develop a customized sports massage therapy program that complements your training. She can also help you recover from a big race or athletic event, so that you can start training for your next event more quickly.

A simple diagram of the bones and muscles of a human leg.

Sarah is trained in a number of different massage therapy modalities, so she can craft a program that best suits your body's needs and adjust it along the way. At Wayfare Wellness in Denver, we understand the changes that an athlete's body endures throughout an afternoon practice or a full season in their sport. We know how to accommodate sore muscles from an extra hard day of training or a serious injury. No matter the nature of your issue, we can help you recover with sports massage therapy.

Prevent injuries, improve your recovery time, enhance your flexibility, and increase your athletic training with sports massage in downtown Denver. Call Wayfare Wellness today or simply book your appointment online.